Fahela Falgun celebrated at SQ

February 14, 2017

Employees of SQ Group celebrated Pahela Falgun with joy and a burst of vibrant colors.



Pohela Falgun, first day of Spring of Bengali month Falgun, of the Bengali calendar, is celebrated every in Bangladesh. The month brings joys and colours both in nature and life. After the dryness of winter, new leaves start to come out again and the nature adorns the branches with new colorful flowers such as Shimul, Polash and Marigold. Everything in nature gives an impression of youthfulness or freshness, as if the nature takes a new birth. Colorful flowers, melody of birds or a mild touch of the sunshine - everything will make you feel that springtime is nature's festival. The festival-loving Bangladeshi people welcome and celebrate this day with great joy, love and in a colourful manner. The blazing red and yellow are the representative colours of Pohela Falgun.