SQ Observed Pohela Boishakh-1424 (Bangla New Year Celebration)

April 16, 2017

Pohela Boishakh-1424 held on the 14th April, it is the first day of the Bengali Calendar, In Bengali  Pohela stands for ‘First’ and Boishakh  is first month of Bangla Calendar , was celebrated  every in Bangladesh.

SQ celebrated the day on April 15, 2017 the day was started with decorating the entire cluster to welcome all of employees.  







SQ arranged “Boishakhi Mela  (বৈশাখী মেলা)” for everyone, This Boishakhi Mela was started from the morning with decoration & Soft Boishakhi Music. There were some small shops of Clay Toys, Books, Sweets, Cosmetic, Flowers, etc. Fair was a special attraction for our employees. The blazing red and white are the representative colors of pohela Boishakh.

The festive employees of SQ, welcome and celebrate the first day of Bengali year with great joy, love and happiness.