A little relief goes a long way A little relief goes a long way
SQ extended their hand to help flood affected people of Dinajpur District.

August 28, 2017

The ongoing flood has taken a several toll on Bangladesh and it is the rural poor who end up suffering the most. With widespread damage of crops, naturally, the impending food crisis becomes a major cause for alarm. At least 150,000 people have been marooned in the flood in 20 districts of Bangladesh and more are continuing. Among them the flood situation of Dinajpur area is the worst. With a further rise in the water levels the flood situation of the district will worsen. SQ is committed to the well being of not only for its associates but also for the society, that’s why SQ mobilized a relief camp for  600+ families in flood affected area of Dinajupur districts such as Enaayetpur, Dharmapur,Vandar, Notunpara, Gabura, Bonpara and many more. Containing a combination of dry food, kitchen supplies and ready to eat meals.

Hopefully it will be a step towards easing the suffering of the people who have lost virtually everything in the flood.