SQ Birichina Ltd. and SQ Celsius Ltd. have successfully completed HIGG 2016, Model for Social and Environmental Sustainability.

November 27, 2017

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition recognizes SQ Birichina Ltd and SQ Celsius Ltd for its successful completion of 2016 HIGG Facility Module both in Environmental and Social Labour. Through this recognition both the facilities of SQ Group again demonstrate their commitment towards sustainable business operation.  


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C:\Users\mmyeasin\Desktop\fwdsacapprovedhiggindexcertificatesbadges2016ca\SQCL\SQ_Celsius_ Certificate of Complication_HIGG_2016_ Facility_Social_Labour_Module.jpg

C:\Users\mmyeasin\Desktop\fwdsacapprovedhiggindexcertificatesbadges2016ca\SQBL\SQ_Birichina_Certificate of Complication_HIGG_2016_ Facility_Social_Labour_Module.jpg