Study tour of students from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT).

January 4, 2018


A team of 25 students led by one of their faculty members Mahbubul Haque from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) visited the state-of-the-art manufacturing units of SQ Group on 24th December 2017. The study tour was part of their academic curriculum aiming to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives practiced in the industry. The top management of SQ Group always encourages such tours as it helps young minds to get introduced with the latest developments in the industry, both in terms of technology and value creation in peoples’ lives.

The team was warmly welcomed at SQ Station, the industrial park of SQ Group located at Valuka, Mymensingh. Initially they were briefed about the company, the remarkable initiatives taken on CSR and environmental sustainability.

Afterwards, they were taken for a tour to the factories situated in SQ Station: SQ Birichina Ltd. (Unit 1 & 2), SQ Celsius Ltd. (Unit 2), and SQ Hues Ltd. During the tour, the enthusiastic young students got engaged into continuous discussions with the experts who accompanied them.

The team was very happy learning about the CSR initiatives practiced in SQ group. SQ team appreciated that and welcomed their further involvement with SQ group in future.