Bangladesh sweater export rises 3.64 percent

March 14, 2018

The shipping of sweaters from Bangladesh is rising for the competitive prices and longer winters in the western world due to climate change. According to data from the Export Promotion Bureau, Bangladesh exported sweaters worth $3.37 billion in fiscal 2016-17, up 5.64 percent year-on-year.

Three years ago, the window for sweater sales was at most four months, from November to February, however, now, the window opens in October and continues until March. A renewed apparel industry owners said, the shift of work orders from China to Bangladesh is also another factor for the higher shipment, which exports nearly three million in a year.

The knitwear is no longer used in the winter only; it is worn all year round, industry owner added.

Given the higher demand, most of the factories have also started automating their production line to boost output and cope with strict lead time.


Source: Textile Today