Export earnings from RMG increase by 8.3pc

February 18, 2018

Export earnings from the Readymade Garment (RMG) increased by 8.3 per cent or US$ 584.87 million in October to December quarter of 2017 than the corresponding quarter of previous year 2016, reports BSS. “Contribution of RMG sector in the country’s export earnings is increasing day by day as the government has taken various steps to improve overall workplace safety and compliance in RMG sector,” a Bangladesh Bank official told the news agency yesterday.

According to BB data, export earnings from RMG stood at $7,628.67 million during the October to December quarter of 2017 which was $ 7,043.8 million in the same quarter of 2016.

During the October to December period, export earnings from RMG sector increased by 6.78 per cent or $ 484.55 million than the previous quarter (July-September) in 2017.

RMG is the major export item, which was 82.4 per cent of the country’s total export earnings of $9253.29 million in the October to December quarter.

Data showed that 40.85 per cent and 41.59 per cent of total export earnings were received from woven garments and knitwear respectively. Export earnings from woven garments stood at $ 3780.35 million during the period while knitwear was $ 3848.32 million.


Source: The Independent BD