CCC urges brands to sign 2018 Bangladesh Accord

April 21, 2018

Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and its allies have started a week of action urging apparel brands in Bangladesh to create safer workplace by signing the 2018 Transition Accord. The civil society campaign organized an event on Tuesday, a week ahead of  five-year anniversary of Rana Plaza collapse that claimed more than 1,100 people, according to an article published on the campaign’s website. The Bangladesh Accord was established in May 2013 in response to the accident and has contributed to making the country’s garment factories safer through its diligent inspections and worker trainings. To ensure all garments workers’ safety, the campaign called upon all brands to sign the 2018 Accord, reads the article. About 220 apparel companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Sainsbury’s and Gekas Ullared have already signed and renewed the Accord. The 2018 Accord will add option to include factories of home textiles, knit and fabric accessories and will ensure that the companies use the Accord’s provision to extend the coverage to more workers. Also the campaign urged the companies that produce non-garment textiles, such as IKEA to join the Accord.

Source: RMG BD