Boshonto Uthshob (Spring Festival) Celebration

February 13, 2019

Spring, or Boshonto in Bengali, is the season of happiness, warmth, and growth, as we observe fresh buds blooming, birds chirping, animals awakening from winter hiatus, as the earth comes to life again after the gloomy winter. As the season transforms from cold to warm, from gray to a burst of colors, It serves as a reminder of the good things in life. At SQ, we are celebrating Boshonto Utshob, as we embrace the glory of change in our daily lives. Today our people adorn themselves in ‘Bashonti’ colored (Yellow and/or Orange) Sarees and Panjabis, and wore flower crowns in their hair to welcome the new season with love and laughter

Here’s a few glimpses of the colorful and Joyous celebration.