Piece Dyeing

SQ Chroma Ltd is an exclusive piece dyeing facility for knitwear. It was established in 2008 at SQ Station in collaboration with a renowned UK based company, Stevenson. Having bought over the Stevenson shares Chroma is now fully owned by us. Piece dyeing is a value added process, highly technical and relatively new to Bangladesh. The capacity of the plant is 5,000 pieces per day. Although the plant is set primarily for dyeing knitwear made of cashmere, wool, acrylic, cotton and various blends, it can also dye and wash other type of garments. This plant is equipped with a modern laboratory which is accredited for M&S and other leading buyers.


Chroma offers its capacity within the Group as well as to external customers. Like in the case of Hues, Chroma in the future will cater solely to Celsius - to allow Celsius to enjoy a vital edge over its competitors.

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