Yarn Dyeing

SQ Hues Ltd is our yarn dyeing plant capable of coloring both cotton and acrylic yarns. It was established in 2005 as an independent business unit to cater for the local knitwear market including SQ Celsius Ltd. The plant is set up within SQ Station with highly efficient German and Swiss machineries. It has a modern laboratory accredited to meet quality levels for many leading buyers including M&S and H&M. Currently it has a daily dyeing capacity of ten tons for cotton and six tons for acrylic.


The knitwear division of the Group uses around 40% of Hues capacity. Due to considerable enhancement of the knitwear capacity in coming years, we have decided to discontinue sale of yarn to the local market and concentrate to support Celsius only. This will allow Hues to focus on the development of a select few signature yarns facilitating Celsius to market exclusive premium quality for its knitwear clients.

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