innovation centre

Established recently, the purpose of the Centre is to explore and develop new technologies, methods, and ideas, which can be incorporated in to the design and delivery of SQ programs related to its business, environment and social aspects. These are essentially an adoption of innovation new to us but may not necessarily to the industry. The Innovation Centre is an HR driven initiative fashioned with the famous saying that you can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow.

After inauguration of the Innovation Centre in 2013, we have successfully carried out two inventiveness and perfected them for application.

P2P : Undivided Panel to Packing (P2P) progressions in our knitwear facilities are now arranged in linear series.The approach, brainchild of the Centre, was tested, practiced and now has evolved as our modus operandi. The benefits contemplated are huge: better planning, lesser WIP, greater productivity, reduced space, higher quality and easier traceability.

LIM: Less is More (LIM), five days a week with double shifts work, is another major enthusiasm  flourishingly developed at the Centre. More free time for the staff, fewer carbon emission to the nature and increased earning per machine are the key extras behind this drive. Floated first in SQ Hues in March 2014, LIM is now being popularized gently at all facilities with an aim to convert the Group to a five-days-a-week employer by the end of 2014.